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I can see clearly(ish) now… 

Firstly, I don't know if it's the best idea to take advice about Stress Management from someone who regularly feels stressed... but then again, if I wasn't prone to it, I wouldn't have to manage it, right? 
And, if I hadn't learnt how to – often – manage my stress, I would be suffering a lot more than I am now! These days, I am often happy, even blissful(!), and certainly more than I have ever been.  
So, what do I recommend for Stress Management? 


Mindfulness – My number 1 recommendation.
Being here in this moment, non-judgmentally. Hard to understand the benefit in theory, life-changing in practice! 

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Recommended to explore –  

  • MBSR (the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course) by Openground 

  • The Waking Up app by Sam Harris 

Do either of these for a period of just weeks, and you'll get a glimpse of how good life can feel, just being in the reality of it. The single biggest positive change I have made in my life is the practice of mindfulness. 


It’s connected to Mindfulness. When emotions come up, don’t fight them, make them wrong, or analyse them, just let them be… They will move on faster than you think if you LEAVE them alone! 

Recommended to explore –  

  • ACT by the clever Russ Harris. 

  • Welcoming Emotions Meditation by Stephan Bodian on the Waking Up app 

  • The Guest House poem by Rumi. 


Gratitude. Over time, it will become automatic and amazingly abundant. You just need you, your amazing life, and a journal. Initially, start with three gratitudes once a day; your ability to be grateful will build and build! 


Focus on what you can control, realise what you can't (or if you're honest, don't want to) change, and let those things go.


Zoom out. Work can feel like “everything!”, home can, relationships can, kids can, a fight with a friend can, your weight can... Try and look at the bigger picture and realise it's not as important as it's trying to make you believe. 


In an emergency – Breathe. In for 4, hold for 4, out for 8. 
Do the ‘5 things’ practice – identify 5 things you can see where you are.  
This is calming as it grounds you in the present reality, not the stressed story in your head. 

Whatever you can do to bring yourself into the actual reality of your life in this moment will assist you to manage stress!  
Best wishes to you 😊 

Tamara (Tam) Callaghan is a highly experienced coach, facilitator, and professional development trainer.


As the owner of Discern Training alongside her husband Andy Cooke, Tam specialises in helping business owners, managers, and supervisors improve their performance and fostering effective team communication.


Her extensive portfolio includes consulting, coaching and training with organisations such as Rio Tinto, BHP, Roy Hill, INPEX, Woodside Energy, and AngloGold Ashanti.


Beyond corporate settings, Tam also works closely with individuals to strengthen their self-management and resilience.  

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