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The Shift:
Transforming Networking Discomfort into Growth Opportunities 

Bardie Somerville, Site Manager, SMD Projects; Brand Ambassador, Bisley Workwear; Brand Ambassador, imar  

Building and expanding our network involves navigating discomfort, transitioning from online to real-world connections, and reaping the benefits of community for personal growth and wellbeing. Initially, stepping out of our comfort zone to connect with others can feel intimidating. Whether initiating conversations with new people or attending networking events, we confront fears of rejection and the unfamiliarity of forging relationships. 


However, these uncomfortable moments are pivotal for growth. They push us to broaden our perspectives, learn from diverse experiences, and develop crucial social skills. Platforms like Instagram serve as starting points, facilitating initial connections and sharing insights globally. Yet, the true power lies in transitioning these online interactions into real-world relationships. Meeting face-to-face deepens understanding, strengthens trust, and fosters collaborative opportunities that enrich both personal and professional spheres. 


Through this integration, we harness the full potential of community support. It creates spaces where individuals can thrive, contribute meaningfully, and build lasting relationships that transcend digital screens. Embracing discomfort in networking cultivates resilience, expands our horizons, and empowers us to navigate unfamiliar situations confidently. 


Moreover, initiatives like 'The Shift', my industry-focused wellbeing event, exemplify the importance of community for the future of the construction industry. By fostering mental wellness and creating supportive networks within trades, 'The Shift' not only enhances individual wellbeing but also cultivates a more resilient and connected industry. Together, through community-driven initiatives, we can shape a future where every individual in construction thrives personally and professionally. 

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