Why Attend


  • Ministerial Keynote: [Minister] opens this year’s event to celebrate the progress of SA’s women in leadership. Hear the local Minister share the value of diverse and inclusive leadership, and her message to all leaders of Australia.
  • Millennial Panel: Are millennials the “snowflake generation” or agents of change? How do they define effective leadership? Pick the brains of Australia’s future leaders and understand how to bridge the intergenerational divide from this panel.
  • Future Leadership Hypothetical: The rapid advancement of technology means that humans’ relationship with machines is becoming more nuanced, fluid and personalised. Your organisation may soon be populated by robotic peers and managed by holographic leaders. This session explores the likely prospect of leadership in the future. What will your role look like in 2030?
  • Interactive Coaching: Engage first hand with SA’s top leaders and performance coaches in this interactive session. Delegates will have the opportunity to pick up essential branding and networking tips for success, whilst gaining valuable insights on how to be an assertive and effective leader.


  • Directors, Executives and Managers across all departments, agencies and councils
  • Human Resources and Workforce Planning
  • Diversity and Inclusion Managers
  • Women’s Leadership Program Managers
  • Established, emerging and aspiring women leaders in the public sector
  • Male leaders looking to implement change on an organisation level